We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to Monica Soares of Flor do Lacio - Lingua Portuguesa no Texas for dedicating her time and efforts to the first Portuguese Language book club get together and for her amazing moderator storytelling contribution.

Monica Soares wearing a PALCUS - Make Portuguese Count pin in support of the 2020 census campaign

TXPALC's Committee Member, Priscilla Rice has successfully lead this initiative and brought together not only Portuguese speakers but also people that would like to learn and practice the language. With Priscilla's talents in translating Portuguese to English, it was a beautiful experience for all.

Priscilla Rice


It was a hot sunny day on Saturday, October 5th. It almost seemed like one of those bright sunny hot days in Portugal. You know the kind of days that are so bright and clear that you can't leave the house without sunglasses. We met at a coffee shop in Coppell, TX and it was so nice meeting the book club members. We have been reading Dispersao by Mario Sa Carneiro for the past month and now it was time to come together and share our knowledge and thoughts on this very interesting author.

As our amazing moderator and translator lead the group, we drank our coffees while displaying our "Make Portuguese Count" pins.

The Two PALCUS - Make Portuguese Count campaign captains that were present at the book club get together were TXPALC's Secretary, Shelli' Nobre Gomes, and TXPALC's Founder & President, Isabel Pires.

The book was a 12 poem book by Mario Sa Carneiro. Monica prepared this amazing summary of the author's biography and she told his story in such an inspiring way. It was like sitting at the kitchen table and listening to your Portuguese grandmother tell you stories.

The Finale

A soft voice, using words and body language that will give you goosebumps and bring tears to your eyes. Monica Soares is one of the BEST storytellers and Priscilla Rice translating and following her lead making them an amazing storytelling duo.

Due to the successful outcome of the book club, we will continue with future ZOOM video book club meetups from the comfort of our homes. This will give everyone from all over the state of Texas and outside of Texas the opportunity to join us. We had a book club member on Monica's cell phone with us.

Thank you, everyone, that came out today and for those that have not joined the book club yet, it is a free membership and open to anyone that would like to participate in the Portuguese Language book club.

We do encourage Portuguese speaking in the facebook group as a way to help everyone practice and learn as we go.

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