Texas Portuguese debuts Cars & Coffee

If you live in Texas then you know that every weekend there is a Cars & Coffee get together of car enthusiasts somewhere, so what made this Cars & Coffee different? Pasteis de Nata!

Did someone say pasteis de nata? Indeed we did, but that was not all. We had a few #TexasPortuguese show up with their vehicles, others just wanted to mingle and that is ok too. After all that is what it's all about. It's a social event just like any other.

We talked and mingled for 3hrs and we could have stayed longer, but decided to save our happiness and enthusiasm for meeting awesome Portuguese folks for the next meetups and events.

There will be more of these in the future, so bring your car or just come to mingle. You will be glad you did.

We snapped some pictures to share with you all. Just click on each picture to scroll through the slide show to see all the pictures :)

See you next time!