Texas Portuguese-Americans Spearheading 2020 Initiatives

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

While everyone is enjoying the summer months, we found it to be the perfect time to begin spearheading initiatives for the upcoming months and new year ahead in 2020.

A few of the (TXPALC) Texas Portuguese-American Leadership Conference board members met up to discuss future initiatives. This also offered a perfect opportunity to get to meet each other since most hadn't met in person yet.

Albeit, due to everyone residing in different parts of Texas it was not feasible to have one grand meeting with all 16 board members in the same room, so we decided to split it into areas.

The Houston board members met on July 11th at Moxies located in the bustling uptown area of Houston, a perfect spot for a casual, cultivated dining atmosphere. A brainstorming session took place here, with the outcome of a list of action items and ideas to share with the rest of the board members.

A few days later the Dallas-Fort Worth board members met up at Marty B's in Bartonville, a modern ranch atmosphere with delicious Texas specialties. We found it to be a great place to bring the family as it is large and full of activities for the little ones. Even though it was a bit rowdy to hold a casual meeting, it was still great for everyone to meet face to face and it was still productive.

As you can see in the picture on the right, the Dallas-Fort Worth team wore their Make Portuguese Count pins in support of the 2020 census due to the fact that TXPALC is an affiliate of the PALCUS Make Portuguese Count campaign for the 2020 census. A few of TXPALC's board members are captains and are leading the campaign effort in Texas.

We took a few snap shots to share with you, here they are. :)

To give you a little inside perspective, many factors take place with running an organization. We are currently putting organizational structures in place to ensure that we run an efficient and smooth operation.

Some of the things we are currently working on are the organization's By-laws, non-profit organization training materials for the board members to ensure that everyone understands what a civic organization does and why we exist. We are also in the process of creating Meeting Norms and assigning Leaders with the appropriate skills to different tasks and projects. Networking with our local officials is important for our #texasportuguese community. This is something that will be ongoing and a priority that we are working on. These are just some of the backend things that we are discussing and meeting on. Of course next year's Dia de Portugal is BIG on our list, as well as the next events/fund raisers that will be taking place through out the coming months.

It is not an easy task and we do have quite a lot of work ahead of us. However, we are driven by our passion to preserve our culture and heritage for current and future generations. We will continue to strive to build and strengthen our #texasportuguese community.

We are proud of our culture and heritage with great reason. I want to share with you some things that I have read on social media about Portugal and the People. Quotes below:

"I tried to figure out what made me fall madly in love with this beautiful country on my first visit here, and finally realized it was two things that are not things! It is the light and space".

"Every corner you turn, every road, town and beach is magical"

"Douro Valley. The further you go inland and North the better it gets"

"Everywhere and everything. The history, environment and people amaze me every day. No matter where I shoot the photos are beautiful"

"The incredible ocean with its marvelous beaches especially when seen from a green hill"

"The sky, the magical light of Lisboa"

"The ground, and the sea, and the people"

As things progress, we will continue to share with you, so please be sure to sign up to receive emails. You will definitely want to be in the loop.

Thank you for your support!

Isabel Pires

President - TXPALC