About Us:

The Texas Portuguese-American Leadership Conference is a non-profit organization with a 501c3 under the IRS code that strives to preserve the traditions of the Portuguese culture for current and future generations as well as help to grow and empower the community through advocacy, civic engagement, community development and, education.


TXPALC strives to preserve the Portuguese-American cultural ideas and customs through a celebration of Portugal's heritage.

Through a continual system of engagement, TXPALC leads an inclusive network of partners, volunteers, and community members in achieving a vision.


We create opportunities to preserve our heritage and maintain our vibrant traditions, enhance community and cultural pride, support social transformation and promote the contribution of the Portuguese people, language and culture in the state of Texas.


TXPALC   Initiatives 

Making A Difference

Texas Portuguese Foodies

 Portuguese Language Book Club

The Portuguese-American Woman


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain



Irina Silva, Life Coach

at Past Therapies

Very dynamic and engaged group that is determined to help the Portuguese community to growth and prosper.

Absolutely the most amazing group of people! Everyone is so helpful and willing to go out of their way when a member needs help.
We’ve been to a few gatherings and had a BLAST! This group has enabled HUNDREDS of Portuguese Texans to come together and share experiences, and enjoy a common culture.
What a fun group!

Priscilla Rice,  Dallas Arts & Culture Commission

I think that Isabel Pires and her dynamic team have started a great thing. Cultural identity and pride in one's roots and culture is so important, and they are preserving and promoting Portuguese culture here in Texas -- something I've never seen before. What they are doing is so very important and necessary. Their passion is evident. Kudos to Isabel and TXPALC!

Susie  Barata,

Community Member

 I would like to start by saying what an absolutely amazing “First” event we had here in Dallas on June 8th with The Portuguese Kids. The turnout of over 200 people from all over Texas, Oklahoma and surrounding states was something to be proud of. I am honored to be part and be a Board Member with this amazing organization and our outstanding and dedicated team. Secondly, Our leader, Isabel Pires, who had a vision to bring us Portuguese community together and made it happen here in Texas. This vision and dedication from Isabel Pires, is one that I am completely in awe of and have never seen before. I am very proud to represent OUR Texas Portuguese community.

Anita Lucas, 

Community Member